About Prairie Moon Waldorf School

Prairie Moon Waldorf School is part of a global community of schools and other organizations that are inspired by the thinking of Austrian philosopher and scientist, Rudolf Steiner. There are over 2500 Waldorf schools in over 60 countries. After ninety years of development, the Waldorf education movement continues to be the fastest growing independent school movement in the world. In addition to schools, Steiner pioneered work in agriculture (Biodynamics), medicine, work with special populations (Camp Hill Movement), science, social studies (Three Fold Social Order) and the arts. Since 2005, Prairie Moon Waldorf School has been offering an international approach to education that develops in children a sense of social responsibility as well the skills and knowledge to reach their potential. Prairie Moon Waldorf School is located on the outskirts of Lawrence, Kansas.  To learn more about this vibrant city, named one of the top 10 college towns in the US, go to: http://visitlawrence.com/.

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