Mission and Values

The Mission of the Waldorf Association of Lawrence (from the Association’s By-laws)

The Waldorf Association of Lawrence is an educational organization (501(c)(3) incorporated in Kansas) whose purpose is to foster interest in Anthroposophical philosophy and endeavors, particularly including, but not limited to, the international Waldorf education movement, and to establish and maintain a Waldorf school or schools, in or in the vicinity of Lawrence, Kansas.

In keeping with the educational and social objectives of Anthroposophy, the Corporation shall conduct its affairs in a manner that is conducive to social harmony and unity of purpose, and will seek to provide an education which awakens and nurtures the individuality of human beings in accordance with their potential, so that their lives are imbued with free initiative and a sense of responsibility.

To further such objectives and purposes, this corporation will have and may exercise all the powers conferred by the laws of the State of Kansas upon corporations formed under the laws pursuant to and under which this corporation is formed, as such laws are now in effect or may at any time hereafter be amended.  Specifically, this corporation will have the power to acquire, purchase, hold, lease, convey, mortgage and pledge such real property in Kansas, other states of the United States and elsewhere, as will be necessary or convenient to the transaction of its business and the realization of its objectives and purposes.

Prairie Moon Waldorf School

Using the Waldorf education approach, Prairie Moon Waldorf School seeks to develop unique individual qualities and healthy relationships among children so that their lives are imbued with both free initiative and a sense of social responsibility. We utilize an integrated curriculum that educates the “head, heart and hands” through academic, artistic and practical work and recognizes Nature’s laws, patterns, seasons, cycles and rhythms as the basis of all learning.

Through a community-wide process we developed our Mission and Vision statements:

Vision Statement: We celebrate an evolving consciousness that honors spirit, cultivates freedom, and fosters harmony with the natural world.

Mission Statement: We educate children to embody truth, beauty, and goodness by inspiring minds, opening hearts, and empowering hands.

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