Organizational Structure

The Waldorf Association of Lawrence and Prairie Moon Waldorf School

Waldorf Association of Lawrence Board of Directors
The Waldorf Association of Lawrence, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation formed and registered in the State of Kansas in 2001. The Board of Directors, comprised of non-paid community volunteers, governs the corporation. WAL operates Prairie Moon Waldorf School in accordance with the principles of Waldorf education and under the guidance of the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA) and the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America (WECAN). The board operates by consensus. Board meetings are held twice monthly.

The WAL board is responsible for operating Prairie Moon Waldorf School in accordance with the laws of the state of Kansas and in an otherwise legal and financially responsible manner. The corporation has the authority to, and does, rent property for the school’s use and employs all teachers and staff members of the school. Any questions or concerns regarding licensing, property, employment and legal or financial matters are rightly directed to the board of directors through the president, appropriate committee chairs or through the school’s office manager.

Standing Committees of the Board are mandated to perform duties of the board.  These include Community Development and Outreach; Maintenance and Beautification; Planning, Policy Development and Review; Professional Development; and Finance committees.  Additional standing committees and sub or ad-hoc committees may be commissioned from time-to-time. The Board cooperates with and includes among its members faculty and administrative staff.

Board of Directors Standing Committees

Community Development and Outreach
The Community Development and Outreach Committee oversees communications, fundraising and community development. It organizes fundraisers, such as the Winterlight Faire, Sweetheart Moon Dance, and the Annual Giving Campaign and coordinates special events, open houses and community meetings.

Maintenance and Beautification
The Maintenance and Beautification Committee ensures that the physical plant and grounds of Prairie Moon Waldorf School are properly maintained and in compliance with licensing requirements and government codes.

The Finance Committee is responsible for budgeting, financial policy development and financial oversight.

Planning, Policy Development and Review
The Policy Development and Review Committee periodically reviews all school policies and directs the drafting and updating of policies as needed for presentation to the board of directors for approval.

Professional Development
The Professional Development Committee holds the mandate for ensuring the continued development of the faculty in regards to the Waldorf pedagogy. This group oversees the unfolding of the onsite Waldorf teacher preparation course.

Prairie Moon Waldorf School Faculty
Responsibility for pedagogical matters lies with the faculty of Prairie Moon Waldorf School. Teachers, individually and collegially, make decisions regarding curriculum and classroom activities in accordance with the principles of Waldorf education (see curriculum on this website.) The faculty meets weekly as a whole to discuss pedagogical matters and issues related to particular students and classes. Each faculty member has a professional mentor outside of Prairie Moon Waldorf School and those faculty members who have not yet completed a full course of training are involved in doing so in one of the certified Waldorf training programs in the US and/or our own onsite Waldorf teacher preparation course. Questions regarding classroom issues or pedagogical matters are rightly directed to the Faculty Chair.

WAL/PMWS Administrative Staff

The Administrator is responsible for administering the school’s policies, and performing management duties in cooperation with the faculty and board of directors. The Administrator is available daily in the office to answer general questions, take messages, and direct specific questions to appropriate officials.

The volunteer Enrollment Coordinator  Team manages new admissions to the school.

The Bookeeper oversees the day-to-day financial management of the school, prepares financial documents for the board and keeps all records for government and tax reporting.

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