If you are considering enrolling your child in Prairie Moon Waldorf School or just want more information about Waldorf education, take some time to investigate this website. It can be your gateway to discovering not only a vital, internationally-connected school in Lawrence but also the kinds of resources you need to transform and enrich your parenting, family and community life and even your business or profession.

The first Waldorf school was established in Stuttgart, Germany in 1919, just after the first World War. It represented a strand of thought in the philosophy of Austrian philosopher and scientist Rudolf Steiner. In addition to ideas about education, Steiner made significant contributions to agriculture, medicine, and the arts. There are now nearly 2500 Waldorf schools in 60 countries on all continents except Antarctica making Waldorf education the largest and most widely distributed independent school movement in the world. Other initiatives inspired by Steiner’s thinking have proliferated just as energetically and now, over eighty years after his death, his thought is influencing the world more than ever before. Why is this? Simply put—because Waldorf education works.

Waldorf education prepares students for life, not just for making a living. “Education for the whole child” and “educating the head, heart and hands” are not just slogans. Those principles are practiced every day in a Waldorf classroom and projected outward to parents, friends and society. Waldorf education upholds academic excellence, uniquely blends music and artistic experience with lesson work, engages through hands-on practical learning and in every case acknowledges the gifts and challenges of each student.

Early application to Prairie Moon Waldorf School is encouraged as class maximum sizes are determined by both licensing regulations and pedagogical considerations.  Need-based tuition assistance is offered on a limited basis to eligible families with children in the early childhood and grades programs. Information about tuition assistance is available by calling the school and by going to the tuition assistance page of this website.

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