Videos for Parents

Please note: while the videos are saved to DVD disks, they play best in computers and may not play in DVD players.


Adventures in Parenting Workshop
with Rachel Ross, M.Ed.
Introductory Price $25 plus shipping (Regular $45)

Three .mp4 video files (edited to approximately 3 hours, 30 minutes) will be shipped on one DVD
Also included as a bonus on the DVD will be a copy of Rachel’s widely-acclaimed book, Adventures in Parenting. This workshop was videoed in June of 2013 at Prairie Moon Waldorf School. Rachel provided an overview of the 4 temperaments, the 12 senses, and activities to strengthen the lower (or foundation) senses. This is a wonderful workshop to be able to watch again and again, as it is filled with such wonderful pearls of wisdom, by a master Waldorf teacher who has worked with thousands of children across the globe.

10 minutes on the 4 lower senses


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