Winter 2013 Waldorf Teacher Preparation Videos

Prairie Moon Waldorf School is pleased to offer teacher preparation courses to Waldorf and other inspired teachers. These videos were recorded at our onsite training and are now available for purchase on disc for playback in computers (Mac and PC) as well as mobile devices like tablets and smart phones. All videos include original music by Adam Cantor. Learn more about his music at:
Shipping outside the US will have an extra charge.

Please note: while the videos are saved to DVD disks, they play best in computers and may not play in DVD players.


Instructor Biography: 
Gail Lescher has taught as a grades teacher in a California Waldorf school for 14 years. She has taken classes from 1st through 5th and 1st through 8th grades. While there she provided in-school mentoring to other faculty, as well as instructing grades teachers at Rudolf Steiner College. Gail is currently working toward her goal of running a small biodynamic farm with onsite lodging and an educational/cultural center in Springfield, Missouri.

3-Day In-service Three-Disc Set – $100 plus S&H (Run time: 14 hours)

This series features master teacher Gail Lescher’s 3-day in-service to the Prairie Moon Waldorf School community. This in-service included singing, circle activities for the lower and middle grades, lectures on freehand geometry, faculty meetings, child study, and main lesson book preparations. All discs are video mp4 format and may be viewed on Mac and PC computers as well as tablets and mobile devices.

Enjoy these video previews:

A Glimpse into Quodlibet Singing A Glimpse into Circle Activities for the Middle Grades An Introduction to Discussing Form Drawing
An Exploration into Freehand Geometry A Glimpse into Geometry Artistry

Chalkboard Drawing Lesson – $25 plus S&H (Run time: 1hr 40min)

This disc features master teacher Gail Lescher’s Chalkboard Drawing Lesson (Run time: 1hr 40min)

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