Winter 2014 Waldorf Teacher Preparation Videos

Prairie Moon Waldorf School is pleased to offer teacher preparation courses to Waldorf and other inspired teachers. These videos were recorded at our onsite training and are now available for purchase on disc for playback in computers (Mac and PC) as well as mobile devices like tablets and smart phones. All videos include original music by Adam Cantor. Learn more about his music at:
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Advanced Chalkboard Drawings
with Waldorf Master Teacher Gail Lescher, BFA

$50 plus shipping

Three .mp4 video files (over 4 hours of instruction is contained on a single DVD, plus workshop handouts.) Disclaimer: This DVD may not work in a DVD player that is not part of a computer).

In January, 2014, Gail Lescher returned to facilitate a day-long workshop on chalkboard drawing.  Her first presentation in Winter of 2013, Chalkboard Drawing (create a hyperlink to it), was so well received that the faculty of Prairie Moon Waldorf School asked Gail to return to teach more advanced techniques in a full day workshop.  Get out your chalks and follow along as she guides participants through a wonderful series of drawings that will aid you in bringing confidence and skill to your own artwork. This DVD will build further on the skills and content presented in the first Chalkboard Drawing Lesson lecture.

Watch these two video excerpts:
Part 1: Advanced Chalkboard Drawings: House and Landscape:

Part 2: Advanced Chalkboard Drawings: Discussion



Adventures in Governance: Embracing Effective Practices
with Lynn Kern

$300 plus shipping

Nine .mp4 video files (over 13.5 hours of instruction is contained on a single DVD, plus workshop handouts.) Disclaimer: This DVD may not work in a DVD player that is not part of a computer).

Lynn Kern came to Prairie Moon Waldorf School in February of 2014 to give a 3-day seminar entitled Adventures in Governance: Embracing Effective Practices.  Over 13.5 hours of edited lecture, plus all handouts. Cost is $300 plus shipping.

Watch these video excerpts:
Lynn Kern presents Rudolf Steiner’s Three-Fold Social Order and how our life activities fall within the three realms of Cultural, Rights, and Economics/Brotherhood, as well as the different methods in which each of these realms approaches decision-making.

 Lynn leads a lively discussion around the kinds of work done within a Waldorf school and the realms in which these activities exist.  

 Lynn presents the idea of the Four Management Styles and how they relate to the leadership within and the life of an organization. 

Lynn presents on the topic of the Board of Trustees. She discusses common mistakes made by Boards as well as the four activities that a Board must hold. 

From AWSNA’s Best Practices Research Lynn identifies those practices that the most effective schools all share in common. 

Lynn introduces the benefits and structure of working with mandates within the leadership of a school.

Lynn presents an activity in which the participants learn to work with income and expense reports and budgets through the act of deduction and storytelling. 

Lynn discusses the activities around enrollment, outreach, and tracking the data from enquiries from prospective parents, through enrollment itself.

Lynn presents the steps necessary for an organization to begin the work of strategic planning. This excerpt speaks specifically to the work of defining Vision, Mission, and Values Statements.


Waldorf Education: The New Midwifery – with Paul Gierlach
$50 plus shipping

One DVD disc contains 3 .mp4 files of the lecture.  A .pdf of Steiner’s lecture series A Modern Art of Education is also included. $50 plus shipping ($6) (Disclaimer: This DVD may not work in a DVD player that is not part of a computer).

In March of 2014, master Waldorf teacher Paul Gierlach gave a lecture to the Prairie Moon Waldorf School faculty and wider community in which he distilled the main tenets of lectures 1-7 from Dr. Steiner’s lecture series A Modern Art of Education.  In this lecture, edited to approximately 4.5 hours, Paul clearly and succinctly presents an overview of the first 21 years of development from an anthroposophical perspective.  Paul also treats participants to a type of form drawing called Dynamic Drawing.

In this excerpt, taken from the first lecture, Paul provides an overview of the first seven chapters of Steiner’s text by explaining the notion that the human being is a spiritual being.

In this excerpt, taken from the second lecture, Paul discusses why Waldorf education teaches from ‘the whole to the parts’. He also describes the developmental phases along life’s journey from birth to age 21 years.

In this excerpt, taken from the third lecture, Paul describes the importune of the first three years of life.

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