Like many schools and non-profit organizations, Prairie Moon Waldorf School relies on the volunteer efforts of members of the community to support its work. Waldorf Association of Lawrence board members are volunteers, as are most members of the board committees who do much of the work outside the classrooms and school office.

We encourage parents and community members to become involved with the school by serving on a committee or contributing time and talents to the many special events and projects organized by the school each year.

Opportunities for volunteers exist in these and other areas. For more information contact Melissa Watson in the school office.

  • Community Development and Outreach
  • Facilities and Environment
  • Special Events- Autumn Fair and Mayfest
  • Teacher Assistance
  • Okanis Garden Assistance

Among the Parent Body of the school we are seeking 100% Participation. The results of all of us participating are:

• Builds momentum

• Workload is easier

• Raises community spirit and energies; participating is more fun

• Generates outside confidence in our school

• Increases our ability to receive grants from outside sources/foundations

• Helps the school and mentors our children about the joy of service and community

All this leads to increased enrollment, more funding and strengthens our school community for your child(ren).

Feel a connection to community through service and volunteerism

Although volunteer hours are not “mandatory” it is important that you log your hours. Those volunteer hours are very important when we apply for grants.  Please submit them to Karen Kerin at karendermot@yahoo.com as often as you can remember.  List the hours and the activity.  Thank you!

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