Why Give

We know that people are more likely to give freely to an organization in which they strongly believe. 90 years ago the first Waldorf school opened with financial backing of a single private donor, Emil Molt.  It was Rudolf Steiner’s vision that Waldorf education would one day serve children around the world. Individual philanthropy in support of Steiner’s inspired vision of a truly holistic education has turned this idea into reality.  There are now almost 2500 Waldorf schools around the globe in 60 countries.

Prairie Moon Waldorf School is a free-standing 501(c)3 non-profit organization. It does not receive operating funds from local, state or federal government. 85% of the school’s operating income comes from tuition and fees; the remainder through philanthropic support. Such non-profit organizations often bring richness to life that would not otherwise be available or possible with public funds. At the same time, non-profit organizations often influence for the better our public life, inspiring advances and innovations that are later broadly adopted. Being a Prairie Moon Waldorf School supporter brings you actively into an organization that is devoted to pioneering work in education, environmental stewardship, green principles, local economic development, natural resource conservation, principles of sustainability, international cooperation, conscientious financial investing, moral and ethical accountability, societal healing, inspired special needs education, bio-dynamic and organic agriculture, spiritual consciousness, physical health and the earnest investigation of the benefits of both competition and cooperation.


Regular participation in the school’s SCRIPS program helps raise funds from businesses such as grocery stores and gas stations. When families purchase gift cards through the school for these items, businesses donate a percentage back to the school. Information about SCRIPS is included in the weekly school newsletter and online.

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