Waldorf® Education in Kansas

Prairie Moon Waldorf School in Lawrence, Kansas offers early childhood and grade school education from preschool through middle school on seven acres in the Kansas River Valley. Currently, the only Waldorf School in Kansas, Prairie Moon is connected to the worldwide Waldorf Education movement and offers Waldorf teacher training in the region during the summers. Please explore the website to learn more about Prairie Moon Waldorf School and the international Waldorf education movement.quote


What is Waldorf Education?

There are over 1000 Waldorf schools worldwide that are dedicated to recognizing the unique spirit of each child. Through a rich curriculum that integrates the academic, artistic and practical, Prairie Moon Waldorf School fosters the development of self-knowledge and helps children to engage fully in the world by awakening in them warmth of heart, clarity of thought, and strength of purpose. With an enduring 90-year history and a bright future, the International Waldorf School movement is the largest and fastest growing non-sectarian school movement in the world.

These two videos created by Marin Waldorf School and Waldorf School of the Peninsula. Together they will give you a good look into what Waldorf Education offers children and families.

Prairie Moon Waldorf School is operated by the Waldorf Association of Lawrence, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit educational corporation registered in Kansas. Prairie Moon welcomes children of all cultural, racial, social, ethnic and religious backgrounds. Since 2005, Prairie Moon Waldorf School has been a developing member of the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA) and we are also a member of the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America (WECAN).


Upcoming Events


Sweet Peas Garden

Next Session: January 31st through March 14th, 2015, skipping February 28th.

A Morning with You and Your Child, on Saturdays, with Ms. Cami Kennedy, for parents of children birth to three years old. This is a 6-week session on Saturday mornings between 9:15-11am.

In Sweet Peas Garden, families are welcomed into our Waldorf “home” one day a week to share a relaxed morning together.  It’s an opportunity to get to know the school, to meet each other and to experience the Waldorf approach to the early years of childhood.

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So What Are You Afraid Of? Forging New Relationships with Adolescents

February 19-21, 2015

Prairie Moon Waldorf School hosts a three day intensive on Adolescence and the Middle School with Master Waldorf Teacher and Presenter, Paul Gierlach. This work- shop is open to all of our colleagues who work with the adolescent, be it in public education, private education, or higher education.

Thursday 19 February 7-9 pm

Addressing the development of a new approach to the emerging adolescent that recognizes their growing need for independence, their new capacities for learning, the strengthening of boundaries and how these are addressed and supported by the Waldorf curriculum. Also addressed will be the need for the parent and/or teacher to establish a new relationship with themselves regarding their own adolescent experiences and how those translate to the adolescents in our midst.

Friday 20 February 1:30-4:30pm

Especially for public and private Middle School Faculty, Paul will offer guiding thoughts and provide supporting anecdotes from his years as a Grades through High School teacher. The faculty will examine in more depth their adolescent experiences and in what ways this affects their skills in engaging adolescents. What anthroposophical concepts can the individual teacher rely on to support this new relationship? Finally, we will look at how we can support one another in forging this relationship, with the students and with ourselves. Bring your questions!

Saturday 21 February 9am-3pm

Coming together with the goal of honing in on what a Middle School is and how its students differ from younger Grades students. Morning session will focus on child pedagogy, specifically the 14-21 year stage of development. The afternoon is devoted to getting specific about themes that have arisen in the past two days. Our goal is to understand what we know and what we need to know in order to most fully serve the needs of the adolescent child. Again, bring your questions.

Brown Bag Lunch and conversation 12-1pm

About the Presenter

Paul Gierlach has worked in Waldorf schools since 1979. He was a class teacher and high school humanities teacher throughout his career. For the past twenty years he has worked intensively with the curriculum and pedagogy to help teachers use its full potential to more overtly teach the students who have such a wide range of learning styles. He was Educational Support Coordinator for seven years at the San Francisco Waldorf High School. Having recently retired from full-time high school work, he teaches main lessons in different Waldorf schools throughout the US, mentors teachers, and advises faculties and schools about educational support issues.




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